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We specialise in charity Google ad grants management and PPC services for Charities in UK. OptiJan Digital offers management and advice on Google Ads Grants for nonprofits.
Did you know you can get up to £8,000 per month of in-kind search advertising for your charity or non-profit?

Drive Donations         Boost Awareness        Grow Conversions

Pay-per-click management for charities and non-profits
& Google Ads Grants Management For Charities.

OptiJan Digital offers PPC management for charities, nonprofits, and higher education organisations. Whether you’re looking to increase donations, drive event signups, or raise your charity’s profile, we’re experts at delivering the results that matter to you. We will help you to get Google Ad Grants (Up to £90000 per year),

We invest dedicated time delving into the intricacies of your organization, merging this insightful understanding with our specialized proficiency in Charity Google Ads and a keen knowledge of cutting-edge best practices in Google AdWords grants management. This unique synergy is precisely engineered to deliver a powerful boost tailored to meet the specific needs of your charitable cause, propelling it to new heights of visibility, engagement, and, ultimately, success.

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What is the Google Ads Grant For Charities2024-02-01T14:55:56+00:00

Google Ad Grants is a programme initiated by Google to aid non-profit organisations by offering financial assistance, enabling them to reach donors, volunteers, and significant audiences through Google charity PPC Ads. Every eligible nonprofit participating in the Google AdWords charity programme can receive up to £8000 per month in complimentary ad expenditure. This considerable financial incentive renders Google ads for nonprofits an obvious choice for charitable organisations aiming to enhance their online presence. Should you have any queries regarding Google ads for charities, please contact the experienced UK-based charity PPC agency OptiJan Digital for an informal, no-obligation conversation.

How does Google Ad Grants work?2024-02-01T12:45:50+00:00

Through a Google Ad Grants account, your charity can craft ads that display in Google Search. These ads may appear either independently or below paid advertisements and are presented as text-based content on search results pages. OptiJan Digital will assist you in overseeing your ads account and ensuring that it adheres to the stringent requirements set by Google. This partnership ensures that your charity’s ads are well-structured, targeting the appropriate audience, and aligning with Google’s guidelines for effective and compliant advertising.

What is Charity PPC?2024-02-01T12:38:23+00:00

Charity PPC, a type of digital advertising, involves nonprofit organisations paying a fee for each click on their advertisement. In contrast to traditional advertising, where fees are based on impressions, PPC ensures that charities only incur costs when an interested party interacts with their ad. This model provides a cost-effective means for charities to boost website traffic, raise awareness, and enhance donation levels.

What is the budget limit for Google Ads Grant?2024-02-01T12:40:26+00:00

All Google Ad Grants accounts are limited to a monthly budget of $10,000 USD (around £8000), which equates to a daily budget of $329 USD (around £250 per day).

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