Taking Payments with DocuSign

Please note, our DocuSign Integration is still in a Beta stage. For more information please contact support@workbooks.com

It is possible to take a payment directly through DocuSign when a Document is sent for signature. DocuSign integrates with three different payment gateways; Stripe Authorize.net and Paypal (via Braintree). This can save your finance team a great deal of time giving people an option to pay for a invoice immediately rather than taking payment manually over the phone or providing details for a bank transfer and waiting for a payment.

We have created a worked example of how to create a Document in Workbooks and take payments directly through DocuSign, one using a Workbooks PDF. While payments can be taken through Documents generated through DocuSign Templates, Workbooks PDFs offer a more flexible solution as it provides Line Item information so recipients can see a cost breakdown, which is not supported on DocuSign Templates.

Invoice Specific Options

When setting up a Document, through either a DocuSign Document or a Workbooks PDF you will have the following options, the DocuSign Payments Field will only appear when the Record Type is set to Invoice, the remaining Fields will subsequently appear if DocuSign Payments are turned on.

  • DocuSign Payments: It is possible for payment to be taken for invoices through DocuSign itself. Turning this setting On provides recipients with the option to make the payment specified in the Document. More information on this can be found on our Knowledge Base
  • Which role should complete Payment in DocuSign?: Select the Relationship that the Person making the Payment will have with the Invoice Record, this may be the Primary Contact or you may have a specific Finance Contact. 
  • Payment Gateways: Select the Payment Gateway that you would like the recipient to use. Payment Gateways need to be configured within your DocuSign Account in order to appear here, DocuSign allows Payments through Stripe, Authorize.net and Paypal (via Braintree).



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