People, Organisations & Cases with DocuSign

Please note, our DocuSign Integration is still in a Beta stage. For more information please contact

The DocuSign integration can also be used to generate documents for People, Organisations and Cases. This can be a great way to get confirmation from specific clients or Users that they have understood a policy or could be agreeing to a set of Terms & Conditions.

When setting up these documents there are a few key features that you must remember for each document type as the relationship between these records and the recipient is often different to a Transaction Document.

People – The recipient must have an email address, the document cannot have a CC so will only be sent to the person that it is generated from.

Cases – Only the Primary Contact of a Case can receive the DocuSign document.

Organisations – Organisation needs a third party relationship to a Person called “Signer”, an Organisation can only have one Signer. 

Note: In the case where two Signer relationships exist the DocuSign integration will go with the Relationship that was created first.

We have created a complete step-by-step example on creating a DocuSign Template that can be generated for People, Organisations and Cases, links to each can be found below:

Example – Creating a DocuSign Template for People

Example – Creating a DocuSign Template for Organisations

Example – Creating a DocuSign Template for Cases

Whilst Workbooks PDFs can be used for these record types, they will require a Custom PDF Template that includes DocuSign tags. Therefore, this work may need to be completed by an internal developer or one of our Professional Service Team. For more information in the setup and configuration of custom DocuSign PDFs please contact


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