DocuSign Example – Taking Payments

Please note, our DocuSign Integration is still in a Beta stage. For more information please contact

The following example will take you step by step through setting up an Invoice Document, using a PDF generated from the Workbooks Unified file, that will be used to take payment, which will be received as a signature.

Prerequisites: In order to take Invoice payments through DocuSign you will need to ensure that you have the correct DocuSign Licence configured, for more information on this please contact

Once you have configured a Payment Gateway within DocuSign it is possible to start taking payments immediately through the DocuSign integration on any Invoice you send out from Workbooks. 

Stage 1 – Configure the DocuSign Document

You will need to create a New Document from the DocuSign integration Menu, this is accessed from Start > Configuration > Email & Integration > DocuSign and select New Document and Continue.

Configure the document to your specifications, giving it an appropriate name and selecting Invoice as the Record Type.

For this example you are going to use a Workbooks Invoice PDF so for Integration Type you will need to select is Workbooks PDF. This will then show a new option where you can select the PDF Template that you want to use. You will also be leaving the PDF name as the Customer Name so you do not need to select any Fields from the PDF File Name Fields option.

We recommend that you set up your template so that you receive all DocuSign Notifications so that you are kept fully updated on all customer actions. From this option select all Notification options and turn on the Certificate of Completion setting. If you have the Workbooks Audit module, you will also be able to see some of this detail in the Summary tab on the Workbooks record.

Now you need to configure the payment options. In order to take payments, the DocuSign Payments option needs to be turned on, which will then display two additional options. Specify which Person relationship type will be responsible for making the Payment – this example is using Primary Contact. 

Next, choose which Payment Gateway you wish to use for this document. The Picklist will only show the available Payment Gateways that have been configured within your DocuSign account.

As this document will only go to the Primary Contact, we will make them the Signer and do not require anyone else to be CC’d into the Email.

Within the Advanced Options we recommend that you keep the DocuSign Interactive Send Mode turned on so that you can review the Invoice before it is sent. All other Advanced Settings can be turned off.

As there are no DocuSign Anchors in the unified.xsl PDF Template for Invoices the Template setup is now complete, therefore you can click “Continue” to skip the remaining pages of the configuration wizard. Before you can send an Invoice for payment, you will need to configure your Invoice records and Form Layouts.

Note: Keep this window open as you will need to refer back to the Parameters set here when setting up the Button Process.

Stage 2 – Configuring Invoices

Once the Template has been installed you will need to configure any Form Layouts with the Docusign Fields and the Button Process in order to generate the Document Envelope for sending.

To configure this you will need to go to Start > Configuration > Customisation > Record Types > Customer Invoices.

To review all of the Fields created via the DocuSign Integration, apply a filter to show the Created via starts with Action DocuSign, this will display the 12 Fields listed below:

On the Form Layouts Tab select the Form Layout that you want to generate the DocuSign Envelope from.

Once you have opened the Form Layout go to the Automation Tab and select New Process Button.

This will generate a new dialogue box that will allow you to configure your Button Process. Set the following details to configure a new Process Button:

  • Button Text: You will need to ensure that your Button Text identifies the correct Document, especially if you have different Invoices for ones that won’t generate payment and ones that will.
  • Script Location: Select Script Library 
  • Script: select DocuSign Integration
  • Enabled: Ensure the Enable checkbox is checked 
  • Run as: Set as the appropriate User, for this example select the Current User so that they receive notifications for the Document

Once this page has been configured press Save and then go to the Parameter Values Tab.You will need to then add in the values for the document_name and mode parameters, these were defined on the completion of the Template setup

Open the Parameter and apply the values accordingly, once both Parameters have been set you can save and close the Button Process.

Note: Fields can then be applied to the Form Layout to show the DocuSign Fields as required.

Stage 3 – Generate the Document for payment

Once you have set up the Form Layout with a Button Process you will be able to generate a new Invoice for requesting payments via DocuSign.

Before sending the document you will need to check that the DocuSign: Show Payment Option Field is set to enabled – this will enable the ability to receive payments through the DocuSign integration for this Invoice.

Note: if this Field is set to Disabled on sending the recipient will see your Bank Details as they are configured in your PDF Settings.

Additionally you will need to ensure that there is a Person related to the Document with the correct Relationship Type otherwise the Process will fail to run. In our example above, this was set to “Primary Contact” so add a Person with a “Primary Contact” relationship to the People tab of the Invoice.

Once you have checked both of these, click Run Process and select the appropriate Process to run.

The Process will then switch to a DocuSign tab (only if you left Interactive Send set to “On” during the document setup) allowing you to review the details on the Invoice and see how it will be presented to the Customer. You can also check that the amount generated to pay has been correctly calculated and amend it if required.

If you are happy with the document you can then use the Send Button, DocuSign will then send the generated preview as a live email to your Customer.

You can then review the status of the Invoice at any time from the Main tab of the record in Workbooks. The DocuSign: Document Status Field will provide you with a live update as to where the Document is with the signee and the DocuSign: Last Action will tell you when the Last Action occurred. 

Note: We have created a Forum Post that provides a step-by-step guide to building a Report that allows you to review DocuSign Templates at any stage.

Once the Document is sent the Primary Contact will receive an Email like the below allowing them to review the Document that you have sent them. 

Note: Email branding can be amended and managed in DocuSign, more information can be found on their Support Site.

Once reviewed, the customer can progress through the Payment wizard within DocuSign which will be processed by your chosen Payment Gateway.

Once payment has been taken you will receive a Notification in line with your Notification settings. The DocuSign Document Status Field will be updated to Document Signed and you will be able to review the signed Document from the DocuSign Signed Document Field.

For Invoices the taking payment is considered to be the signature of the Document, so the DocuSign: Document Status Field will be changed to Document Signed. The DocuSign Payment Id Field will also be updated with the id with DocuSign so you can link the payments at a later date if needed.

Additionally the Certificate of Completion will be available for you to review from the Files tab, providing that this has been configured on your Form Layout.


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